the joy of travel…

Tomorrow I head off to another city for a series of meetings involving work. Now, while the idea of sitting in endless meetings is probably very close to the last thing I ever want to do, I am looking forward to it! Why? Well, as a friend of mine often says “I just love going anywhere, getting on the plane and travelling is always an adventure”. I am inclined to agree.

I am glad that I am always so very excited about travel, because it is part of the inner child that is always fascinated with the great, big world… While there is much sorrow in the world, I think we should never lose touch with the excitement of exploring the good, positive and adventurous part. As long as I can still get on the plane and feel excited, I know that the cynicism of the world, the darkness of sorrow has not clouded my soul.

Travel is an opportunity to break out of routine. You have the chance to have a new experience, meet new people, and look at the world through different lenses. This all helps me to look at my own life through different lenses when I get back. Sometimes I rejoice, other times I become aware that changes need to be made. Either way, travel is a brilliant way of making the adjustments and finding the things you are grateful for in your life.

So, even though I am not going far, and I am spending the vast majority of time in meetings, this is going to be a good week. I will have fun, enjoy my life and come back refreshed! I hope that you would be able to enjoy travel equally well, even if it is for work.

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