creating sanctuary…

I recently began to think through the idea of Starbucks… why? Well, its one of my favourite places. Someone asked me why, and I could not figure it out…mm, why? After some reflection and consideration (there is no Starbucks within cooee of me, I literally have to fly to another city or overseas), I came to the conclusion that it was a state of mind. When working overseas previously, I found that Starbucks became a little sanctuary from the world for a while…. so the reason I love it is that it’s a state of mind for me, rather than a place.

I love my home, which is old and uncomplicated. Despite having to renovate the kitchen last year, the house maintains much of its old character. Last month I decided that I needed to create the “state of mind” I recalled from Starbucks in my home. I want my home to be a sanctuary from the stressors of the world. It has taken some time to research, to find pictures and ideas, and to review what sanctuary means to me… but finally I have just begun to make some changes around the house. The more I create sanctuary around me, the calmer I am.

As I talk with friends, we find that carving out time for catching up is a juggling act, between work and leisure commitments of ourselves and family members, it gets rather difficult to catch up. Everyone feels under the pump, with demands on our time and energy. This is why I believe its important to create sanctuary in our lives…in small parts of everyday we need a space where we can just be, breathe, rest.

So, where are your moments of sanctuary? Is it possible to create some of that in your home? Bring some shells in from the beach, having some indoor plants, put up photos of special places… there are many ways to create sanctuary. Go ahead and start in your home today.

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