of saints and sinners…

This morning there was an unintended irony as I read the headlines… a story on Tiger Woods saying “I cheated..sorry” and right next to it a story on Australia’s first saint, Mary MacKillop saying “MacKillop to become a saint”. While the juxtapositioning of the two stories made me smile, it also made me think. Are we now living in a society so amoral that no one else noticed the irony of having those stories side-by-side?

I have noticed a tendency within myself to think all well of some and all badly of others. I doubt I am alone in that. If someone has behaved well, or done the right thing, or perhaps I just hit it off with them, then I always find it hard to believe that they would do anything horrible. In the event someone mentions that person has been nasty, I am quick to supply possible explanations for the unusual behaviour. However, in reverse I also sometimes struggle to give credit where its due if someone has had a run-in with me. I like to live in a black-and-white world where people are either sinners or saints. It makes managing relationships so much easier.

Yet, in reality very few people can be so easily categorised. People are complex, and their motives and behaviours not easily explained. It does a disservice to others to classify them in this way… because I believe that in many ways there is a little bit of both in all of us. If Pete has not hit it off with me, and then does something lovely for his mother, I have to work at giving him the credit that is due. Much easier to ignore his saintly behaviour and wait for the next sin to come along… However, if I am going to live a life of healthy relationships and truth, then I have to do the hard work of learning to accept both the sinner and the saint in all of those around me.

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One Comment on “of saints and sinners…”

  1. littlelamblx Says:

    i almost choked on my food when i read about the tiger woods and mary mackilop pictures next to each other. great read btw

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