thinking about thinking…

We were at the river recently and as the bright, full moon rose over the ranges it was so close you felt you could reach out and touch it. The kids said “I can see the man in the moon” and there was much chatter about it. Then someone mentioned the moon being made of cheese, and someone else asked “Who first thought of that idea? Wherever would someone get the idea that the moon was made of cheese?” We have all heard the saying, no one I have ever met has believed the moon was made of cheese, yet from generation to generation the idea is passed on. How? Why? I had never really thought of it until then.

We often take our thinking for granted until life goes downhill. When we start feeling bad or things go wrong as the consequences of decisions are visited upon us, then we suddenly wonder “How did I get here?” Often, if we stop and think about our thinking, we realise that there are long-held patterns of thinking that led us here. When we take some time to step back and think about our thinking, we can start to change it.

Some useful questions to ask ourselves:
1) Why do I believe this?
2) Where did I learn this? Is there evidence to say that the world is this way?
3) If I continue to think this, how will my life look in 10 years’ time?
4) Where is the evidence to say that this is true?
5) If this is a “should” in my life, who said it “should be that way”? Why do I believe them?

These are not a complete list of questions to help us reflect on the way we think, but they help us to step back and ask questions. It is not helpful to ask “What is wrong with me?”, there may be nothing wrong with who you are. It is helpful to ask “Why do I think this about [insert situation here]?” because then we can decide whether that thinking pattern is useful and serves us well, or not. If not, then by being aware of it, we are empowered to change it.

Have you stopped to think about your thinking lately?

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