memories and loved ones…

Recently I have had the good fortune to locate some very old loved ones…well, not that they are old, but a long time ago our lives were intertwined but our lives became unravelled, we went our separate ways, and we lost touch. Now, the baby has had her own baby, the rest of us have aged and suddenly find that trying to catch up on life is both difficult and great.

The difficult part is trying to figure out how to tell someone who used to know every minute of your life about the last 20-something years they have missed out on. What do you tell? What do you leave out? How much do you tell them without boring them silly? While contemplating these thoughts, it made me realise that it is not the big events, nor entirely the mundane of daily life that are what sharing love is about. There is so much more, the affirmation of knowing that people around us love us, accept us, and that they understand us. That is special.

I have been blessed to have known so many people throughout my life, to have had so many pass through my life and leave the gift of life with me. Blessings have overwhelmed my life! Friends, family, even work colleagues have given me so much over the years, and I have learned much. I have become a better person, I have learned a greater compassion and I hope that I have served well with the gifts I have been given.

My memories of loved ones that I am still in touch with are full and wonderful. I also have memories of precious people that I have not had the privilege of keeping in touch with and I miss them still. My hope is that when I do come across old friends and family, that I have lived up to all they hoped for me, that their love and belief has not been misplaced.

So, today’s post is dedicated to those loved ones I know and to those I once knew… may every blessing fill your lives, may God be with you and may life be full of joyous moments!

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