getting up to do it again…motivation for the hard stuff

Another dawn this morning, the sun bright, lighting a perfect day…and I groan as I move out of bed. Lately it seems to take longer and longer to get from bed to running in the park. Why? I’m not really sure, except that there is a tendency to inertia in me. So, I have to use some strategies to overcome the inertia and stay motivated. Today I talk about exercise, but the principles remain the same for other things.

Bed, warm, comfy, radio clock comes on, dogs start trotting through the house….mmm, must exercise, up, drinks, look about, check the weather (such a surprise, another warm, sunny, perfect day!), go to get dressed, mess about, another drink, “can I skip the run today? but I love running, what is the matter with me? OK, look, just do it, just push yourself now!” Clothes, shoes, dogs excited… Outside, lock the door, into the car, down to park… start moving… 5 mins in, “this feels great! I should have started earlier so I could run longer.” Home, feel good…

This is how most days go, and its about the same if I come home at night and have to push myself to go swimming after work… excuses are so easy to find. So, to help myself along I have everything ready to go – bathers, towel, etc…walk into the house and there they are waiting. The other thing is that I tell people “I am going to run tomorrow at 6am” etc. This way I create an expectation – it is good to be accountable. Lastly, I encourage others to get out and train. Now, given my commitment to authenticity, it goes against my grain to tell others to train when I am not. So, three very simple things help keep me motivated:
1) Prepare
2) Accountability to others
3) Encourage others to train and live authentically
Simple yes, but it works.

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