fitness and new year’s resolutions…

Last year I finally committed to really getting fit. In my younger days, I had maintained a good level of fitness, but a decade ago I suffered a severe back injury and gave up running, gave up swimming, gave up fitness and health. I say “gave up” because I think that is what happened. At the time in my own mind it was all being forced upon me, I was the victim, it was beyond my control, etc. I realise now that was a nonsense. Yes, I had severe limitations, but I could have maintained myself far better than I did – what I did was turn into a laptop potato.
Last year that changed. To honour my friend Vivienne’s memory, I decided to do a triathlon to raise funds for breast cancer research. I worked hard at going from being a lump that moved from couch to chair and back, to being active again. My goal was worthy – honour Viv, who had been my best friend in high school.
I am happy to report I (1) raised over $1,000 and (2) became fit. Then the challenge became to maintain my fitness, not to allow myself to slide back into couch laptop potato mode.
Since then I have read a load of websites on training, I have chosen to go out and train when I didn’t want to, I have had to exercise self-discipline when something inside just wanted to plop down and do nothing. The challenge is on-going, and I understand that it will be for the rest of my life. I was always a natural bookworm, the only time I really got into sport was after meeting Viv, who was a terrific sportswoman.
I know that every year I have made the same resolutions in the past “get fit”, but it was not until I really had a goal and set date that I worked at it. Once I told people I was doing it, I had to keep going… and when money came in, I was committed. That is what it took for me to make the lifestyle changes. Finally, I kept the new year’s goal of being fit… and so far this year I am doing the same. This year I would like to raise more money for breast cancer research. Viv has become my inspiration to keep motivated.
What will it take for you to achieve your goals for fitness this year???

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