its all about the harvest…

Now that we are a couple of weeks into the year, the new year’s resolutions and goals we were aiming at a couple of weeks ago may seem vague. The everyday seems to overwhelm our diary, the needs of now block our view of the future and the idea of one more thing we have to do feels like just too much. So, how do we stick to our goals?
One of the important things to understand is that we need to have a view of the harvest. If we just look at the seeds in our hands, or the ground that needs to be tilled, then all we see is the work…and that can feel exhausting. But, if we lift our eyes and see the harvest, then the work becomes worthwhile. This is the secret of goals being achieved, understanding there is a harvest and it is good.
Keeping the view of the harvest can be difficult when we have to look down to tie our shoelaces. How do we manage it? Firstly, write it down… whether you write a list, random statements linked to the harvest, do a mindmap or draw some pictures, somehow write it down for yourself. Then, put that list somewhere you will see it! Yes, you will need to move it around because it only takes a few days for you not to see it anymore. So, make some copies and have them ready to pop into a new spot every few weeks. On the fridge, in your diary, next to the TV guide, on the mirror…somewhere it will grab your attention and you will be reminded of your harvest.
Once you are in the habit of checking out the goal regularly, start reminding yourself to do something about achieving the goal each week. Just one thing every week that will move you towards getting that harvest….DO IT.
If you move 1% closer each day, then after 100 days you are 100% closer to the goal! So, start with focusing on that harvest, then start moving towards it.

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