Christmas carols, trees and lights

‘Tis the season that comes round once a year but always seems to be here before we are ready and is over before we’ve had a chance to really appreciate it. Or is that just me?
Christmas carols are few and far between this year, the shops all seem to be playing regular muzak rather than carols. That is sad. Carols are a wonderful tradition, and I enjoy the growing number as new ones are added from generation to generation. Who in the ’70s knew that Boney M would become a Christmas carol tradition?! 🙂 Carols remind me of tradition and times past, and blend beautifully with creating new traditions and hope for the future.
Then there are trees, the ones that cities light up…the twinkling lights that always seem so high above us, that stand out in the dark, I really enjoy those. I am really not sure where the tree tradition started, and this year I have not put a tree up at my place (because I would rather skip it than do a bad job that I don’t enjoy), but I like the trees. I also enjoyed building up a big pile of presents for a local children’s home at a function I helped organize a couple of weeks ago. Seeing the presents, knowing that for the children it would entice expectation of good things, that they would start to get excited and receive a wonderful gift, made the event worthwhile – esp. since these children have not had many opportunities to anticipate positive things in their young lives. The tree lights up hope in the hearts of the young (and the young at heart!).
Then there are the lights, the coloured, twinkling rainbow of colours. Alongside those are the sparkly fairy lights that shine brightly and create a sense of mystery and magic. Ahh, the promise of holidays, of a better tomorrow and an enjoyable future…all this from Christmas lights.
Ultimately, there is the nativity, which reminds us that once upon a time, God Himself came down to be with us….and there lies true hope for a better future, Jesus Christ Himself. I trust that you have a wonderful, blessed and peaceful Christmas in 2009!

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