loneliness in our busy lives

With the holiday season rushing towards us, after several months of Christmas deco in the shops, many people are busy. It can be difficult to find time to see loved ones, old friends, or even get a dental appointment! Yet, in the midst of this busy season, there are those who are truly lonely.
Why some people feel lonely is not a question I can answer with ease. Some people may have lost loved ones, others may have made bad choices, and some may have gotten caught in the fallout of a choice they had no idea would end like this. Nonetheless, people find themselves looking at the holidays and feeling lonely.
If you are one of those, then I would like to encourage you to start planning for a better season now. Firstly, make a list of the things you would love to be doing. Then, have a read over that and mark which of those that others may enjoy too. In particular, think about volunteering your time for others. e.g. If you have written “big Christmas lunch”, then perhaps you can volunteer at a shelter or visit a nursing home or volunteer with Meals on Wheels? These are just some ideas… after all, if you would like to share Christmas lunch, then why not make new friends along the way???
Other ideas are to sign up for a club (e.g. is there a club that is going hiking/camping you can join?) or find a group booking place you can join with (e.g. a few days of touring the countryside in an organized tour). Often on such tours you have the chance to do something you enjoy, and meet lovely new friends.
Now is the ideal time to start looking toward the next month or so and making plans. Start calling, start making bookings, start volunteering… and start breaking out of the box that loneliness can make you feel locked in.

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