living authentically with your values (Part 1)

In recent conversations, there are two things that have come up about authentic living. The first is that some stay at home mothers feel that they have not “achieved” things with their lives because they have not gone into the paid workforce. The second is that those who choose to live a frugal life feel that they are doing something wrong because they do not participate in the consumerist culture of our times. Today, I will talk about mothers, next week about frugality.
If mothers choose to work in the paid workforce or only at home (without pay) then I believe it is entirely their choice. I do not believe there is a right or wrong about this – it depends on the person and what values they hold.
I think that women who choose to work should be applauded for pursuing their dreams. They work hard on two fronts and, naturally, do their best on both.
However, I do not think there ought to be less applause for those who choose to work only at home. They have decided that being available for the family, that being in the family home is the most important thing they can invest themselves in. Fantastic!
Often too, it is those who choose to stay at home who are the car poolers, the tuckshop attendants, ensure sports happens after school and on weekends, etc. It is not only their own families they invest in, but in so many ways they give to the wider community. Much volunteer work is done by these women, who have decided to live their values. Without such women, surely our society would begin to come apart at the seams? To feel as though they have not accomplished when so much of what the rest of us take for granted depends on them, reflects the lack of appreciation given to these women.
So, I would like to honour the women of our world who are mothers, and who have made choices about their lives that reflect their values. Whether you stay at home in unpaid work or go out to paid work, you are living authentically by your values. Well done! Thank you for making our world a better place by being authentic in your life.

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