the triumphs and disappointments of modern technology

So, a few weeks ago when my Palm finally gave up the ghost, I set out to get a new one….only, now everything is “smartphones”. Mmmm, no idea about them… shopping, looking, asking questions…. OK, pick one and head home.. “It’s so easy” they said….little did I know.
In the first 10 days I had to reload my calendar 3 times! It lost a heap of appointments, and that is a real crisis for me!!! Panic, breathe, panic, breathe… keep breathing. OK, so it seems to be working OK again, yay! Victory, I have won!
Hang on, how does the synchronise work with my non-MS software??? Oh, it doesn’t? What to do?! *ringing hands* Research the net, ask…. ahhh, get a whole new something else program, then another something new program, then have them talk to my computer and the smartphone (just how smart is this thing anyway?!), ahhh, finally by some miracle of Chinese whispers everything works… great! Triumph of the plebs!
Two weeks later, how come that appointment is at 1pm not 2pm? Hang on, there is a whole set of them out by 1 hour! Scream, panic, breathe, panic, what?! How?! Technology has struck again!
And so the last few weeks have gone. I have not resolved the 1 hour out, except to have figured out its something about google having the wrong time in its calendar (they use daylight savings in a place that doesn’t have any!)… but on the smart phone that appointments are correct. Of course, I can’t use the online calendars to enter anything, because they then go to the smartphone in the wrong timeslot… but its a start.
Now, if only I can get the hang of how to use the teeny keyboard designed for the handspan of a 2 year old….
Wasn’t this supposed to be a smartphone that saved me time and stress???? Have I been duped?! Sigh… how does that missed call thing work again…

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