the freshness of spring

I have always been a sucker for Better Homes and Gardens and have been known to have years of them stacked in my home…even when I lived in a little studio apartment! There is something inspirational about seeing what others have done, how they have created a life that they love in a space uniquely theirs.
Spring has arrived and I find myself loving the outdoors, wanting to bring it indoors…and I have found a whole new world of ideas online to explore. Its not just looking at the beautiful or quirky, but it is the idea of making all things old look new, the freshness that new ideas bring to my soul when I implement them in my home.
Freshness is something we all need from time to time, new ideas, different perspectives that help us to see ourselves and our lives differently. Sometimes we get this from our environment, by doing something different and finding that we really love something which was completely “not” us. Other times we get a sense of freshness from talking to others and understanding their perspectives. I have also found a freshness in tapping into creativity and trying a new hobby for a while. All of these things add a fresh dimension to my life.
We talk about the new life of spring and often enjoy new growth after winter’s dormancy…yet, I wonder if we could enjoy that sense of newness all year round if we just focused on freshness?
I often shift furniture, paint walls or change around knick knacks as a way of bringing a fresh feel to a room. I love colour and flowers, so whenever I can, I combine that by having bright bunches of flowers in the house.
What do you need to do to bring the freshness of spring into your everyday life? What works for you?

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