on dreams and disappointments

Don’t you hate disappointment??? I do! I was talking with a friend this week who had things all lined up to pursue a new dream, following some disappointment of her last dream job, only to find that the new job is not quite working out. Double whammy of disappointment 😦
I have recently come across people who have given up on dreaming. It is as if they have been disappointed by life so many times, that they no longer have it in them to keep dreaming, to keep moving forward. So, they focus on a holding pattern with their lives, and live in a rut. They do not do this because they are happy with it or find it satisfying, they do it because they cannot risk another disappointment. Their hearts are so vulnerable that another big blow from the axe of life will cause their oak to tumble.
How do we get up and keep going after disappointment? How do we find the energy, the motivation, the courage to start new dreams? I think one major factor is being able to be thankful. What I mean is that we need to be able to see the disappointment, then look behind it, for there hides something…. something we have learned, something we have grown in, something good is there somewhere. Often it might look like a crusty old shell, but if we take time to pry, we will find the pearl.
We start with the little pearl of thankfulness, and then give ourselves time to heal. Then we start to remind ourselves that failing is part of trying, that disappointment is part of achievement. Slowly, dreams awaken, sometimes old, sometimes new, but then we take a deep breath, put on our big girl (or boy) boots and step out… we do something to work on the new dream, and we do it afraid.
There are no guarantees, but there is hope…

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