motivation to move (as in exercise)..

I recently signed up to do a triathlon in order to raise money for breast cancer research. I left myself lots of time to train and build up for it, but in the last 8 days have found myself putting off training. So, day 1 was “I have to take care of the dogs, they are sick”. Legitimate. Day 2 went, “I am really tired and the dogs have wiped me out”. Starting to sound like an excuse??? Day 3 was, “I can train tomorrow”. And so it went… until I find its been almost 2 weeks and no exercise!
Of course, in the midst of that I did go to pilates once, which just helped me justify not doing the rest for another day. So, here I am about 7 weeks out from the tri date, and I have to make a commitment to training or pull out (the other option being to do the tri and injure myself).
A part of the whole training issue is being tired, which is about managing my lifestyle. I make choices about what I will do with my time, if I will go out late, stay up watching TV, etc. When I then say I am too tired to work on a goal (like training for the tri) I am really saying that my stated goals and priorities are a lie. Ouch!
We do what we want to do as people. I have choices I make everyday. If my goals and priorities are priorities, then I will make choices that work towards them. If I make choices that allow me to drift away from my goals then they are not really a priority. My goals, my choices, my life… I decide what it looks like.
What a challenge to live authentically and in a conscious way that makes me take responsibility for my stated goals and priorities. I am starting fresh today. What about you?

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