following up on good intentions

A month or three back, I watched a short doco made by some Curtin GSB MLM students on the effect of plastic bags on the environment. I had heard discussion and was aware we needed to do “something” but until I saw that short doco, I really did not realise the impact of plastic bags. I then made a decision to use the canvas shopping bags I had been acquiring over the years and no longer take plastic bags from the shops. Good intentions…
I must say I did great for about 3 weeks, while the footage I had seen was fresh in my mind. Then, every week or so I would forget, “just this once”… why? I had every intention, I had the bags in the car, but the behavioural connection between the car and the shop door had not been made.
If I am going to actually follow up on my good intentions, then I need to change my actual behaviour. I need to stop getting out of the car and charging straight for the doors… I need a new step in there, where I open the back door and retrieve the bags. While this seems easy, this small behavioural change is proving a challenge.
Do you too find that the good intentions can be stymied by not making such small changes to behaviour? What ideas do you use to remind yourself and keep yourself on track?
At the moment I have shifted the bags to the front passenger floor, at least there I have a visual reminder. I hope this helps to develop a new habit of taking those canvas bags in with me, and that will help me fulfil my good intentions… in one tiny way I hope to make the world a better place then.

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