good intentions vs inertia

I had the privilege of meeting someone recently who has opened his heart and home to 4 neglected children. It was clear from talking with him and he and his family have hearts as big as the outback! While the family have 3 children of their own (2 with learning disabilities), they have opened their home to 4 more children. No agencies, no official paperwork, no support, no financial assistance… they have done it because the children were neglected and they saw a new and different future for them.
It occurred to me during the discussion that so many people talk about helping others, so many of us say “oh, I would love to, but… [fill in with appropriate reason]”. Yet, here is a family who are very much the working class, and they are putting their home where their hearts are. Am I willing to do the same? It is a challenge.
Naturally, I always intend to do good, to help others, to make a difference. I am challenged by this man and his family, they are not just thinking about it but acting on it. How rewarding it must be to live your values out in such a unique way!
To some extent my humanity tells me that I am not going to change the world, I am not another Martin Luther King Jnr. The world will continue turning with not much more than a hiccup when my time here is over. Sometimes that feeling of being insignificant in the universe can cause us to become inert. It is a privilege to meet a man such as this, because he stands as a stark reminder that you can change someone’s world forever, if you just follow through on those good intentions.
I am challenged to examine my values, think through my life choices and act on the good intentions…and I hope that I can make a difference to someone.
God bless all foster parents!

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