the new religion

Aussies will identify a door-knocking God-botherer type straight off the bat and kindly tell them to nick off [apologies if those overseas are not keeping up with the Ostray’n here.] Funny thing is that more and more Aussies are being duped by a whole new religion, and they are buying in en masse….
Consumerism is the new religion. People are not stopping to think about the sales pitch, the empty promises or the glitzy ads. They are simply buying straight into the idea that more is good and they need more of more.
In the end, we have heaps of people amassing products they do not need and may never use; who are feeling under stress because of the cost of doing this; and who have neglected the most valuable things – relationships.
Perhaps we need to apply the same cynicism that we apply to the God-botherer types to the ads we see? What would it look like if we avoided malls the same way we avoid churches (i.e. only go when absolutely necessary)? How would life be different? Would it be better?
The new mantra is “as long as I can make the minimum payment on the credit-card”. Value is not based on true values, and the world appears to be sliding into confusion about what is actually valuable. e.g. Is anyone worth $1million a year? Whose job could possibly be worth that??? A parent’s – since they are shaping our future? Or a scientist’s – since they are finding cures for cancers? But to pay someone that because their job is to manage an institution that provides credit so that the god of consumerism can be satisfied, well… I think there is something wrong with that world. It is a very expensive priesthood indeed.
So, again, the idea of living a simple life, of examining my values and evaluating how I am living authentically to reflect them becomes an important task. Unlike the dishes in the sink, this task does not call for attention… and so perhaps I leave it a little too long between re-evaluations… We need to live with care and thought if we are going to avoid being caught up in the new religion.

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