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Having lunch with a friend today we were exchanging news of our various holidays, mine being recent (see post) and hers being in the planning stages. Holidays are a time when we do something different, when we leave behind the drag of the everyday and go and get refreshed.
Fun and adventure are an individual thing, something that cannot be legislated. So, what I find terrific fun and come back enthusing about (like scuba diving) may be something that exhausts another person. Some people think its great fun shopping, I find it exhausting.
In order to cope with the stress of life, it is important that we build in times of fun and adventure for our lives.
When you come back from a long run, are you physically exhausted but energised on the inside? Or are you just worn down? If its the first, then that is an activity you should add…. if the second, then find something else to do. 🙂
Of course, in families it can be tricky because you need to cater for the needs of all the members. This takes a little more planning in advance, but can be done well if thought through. What are your most memorable holidays from childhood?
The world offers so many activities – cycling, snorkelling, scuba, swimming, sand castle building, scrapbooking, photography, mountain climbing, mountain biking, white water rafting, bungee jumping, camping, cooking, cruising, boating, caving, orienteering, rogaining (to name a few). Sometimes we live small lives that forget that all this and more is out there to do… next time you are feeling low, bored, troubled, why not run through the list of things you always wished you had done and go try one?
Fun and adventure can be part of our everyday lives, we don’t have to save it all for the holidays! Tell me about your activities….

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