pride and prejudice

Life gets complicated, doesn’t it? It seems to me that there are times I deal with so many egos that it is like managing a bunch of 8-year-olds. Why? Children are not cognisant that the world goes on without them, they believe that the world revolves around them, largely because for them, it does. It is a shocking awakening in our teen years (usually) to find out that life goes on with or without us. We used to think everything stopped when we went away on holidays, then we found that people got on with other things….their lives did not stop while we were away.
So we come into adulthood understanding some of these things, and there is the angst of feeling that one matters, that somehow one is important in the grand scheme of things. We develop friendships with those who validate us, and we enjoy being with others of like mind.
Why is it then that some people join a committee (group, association, etc.) because they feel of like mind, but they end up using the same forum to build ego? How can adults who find themselves losing a sense of self, then try to regain it by enforcing ego in these groups? Often I think this is the root of conflict – ego. If only we could think about the reasons we joined such a group, then focus on the good of the group (the goals – because that’s why you joined) then how much better would such groups function? How much more could we achieve?
In reflecting on these things, I think it important that we understand our own egos, and are able to set that aside while we focus on the good of the group. I also firmly believe that such a group would be productive, busy and above all, great fun! To this end, I am committed to removing my ego from the groups I belong to, from having to have it my way, and to encouraging people to think outside the box. I rely on friends and family to validate me in a healthy way, so that I don’t lose my “self” over time.

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