holidays, breaks and coping

Life is rather busy for us all, these days I don’t chat to many people who don’t feel under time pressure for one reason or other – family, work, study, all sorts of commitments. I too work long hours, and that is a challenge when there is trauma involved. So, how do we cope?
For myself I realise that one of the things I have to do is schedule in breaks and holidays. Funnily enough, if I don’t make the booking, then something always comes up to make me put the break off. Someone needs me, there is something sudden that feels urgent and cannot wait. So, the break seems a luxury that can be forgone.
However, more and more I have come to realise that if I am going to live authentically, if my lifestyle is going to align with my values, then I have to be committed to taking care of me. This means that the breaks and holidays are not optional, they are essential. While they are not “urgent” it is these things that are important.
How often have you given up something that restores you, refreshes you for something that seemed urgent? And what do you think would have been the difference if you had not given into the urgent, but remained committed to the important? How would your life be different?
In my opinion, taking care of yourself and being aware of making decisions that align your values and your lifestyle decisions are what help keep your passion for life alive and well. This is when you start enjoying life, when you live what you believe.

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