the rains came

We have been in drought for 7 years, and this weekend we had rain! Well, actually it was just Monday and Tuesday… but we were looking forward to the rain all weekend. Unfortunately, it does not represent a break in the drought and we will need to manage better with the water we have. I am an optimist though, and last weekend I put more plants in the ground, trying to turn the desert (yes, all there is out there is miles of sand in my “garden”) into a real garden I can enjoy.
Also, this week the local recycle plant burnt down. This means that for the moment the recycle stuff we put out will be going to the landfill site. How demoralising when we work so hard to do the right thing, to educate ourselves and our neighbours. Perhaps now is the time to think about “reduce” in the recycle chain – after all, if I buy less I have to recycle in the first place, then I must reduce the amount I am throwing out.
I have been thrilled to see the local scuba club has been doing “cleaning dives”. They gather a few volunteers to go scuba dive and collect rubbish from the ocean. This is a great service to the planet, well done Manta Clubbies!
So, while nature does not promise to cooperate with our attempts to do right by the earth, I think we should hang in there. Taking care of the earth is singularly special as an activity, and continuing to recycle (reduce, reuse) shouldn’t be derailed just because nature doesn’t respond like we want it to…. Go on, do something for greening the earth today!

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