Pollution in our world

Lately I have been considering the idea of quiet. The world I live in is a busy place, it seems that the “to do” list gets longer the more I do. It feels like I work dawn until dusk at the moment. Then I realised I don’t work 24/7, it just feels like it. What I really have is a world with loads of pollution!
Not the dirt kind that you smell or have to wash away, but the visual and noise kind. There is hardly a stretch of road without graffiti, there is hardly anywhere I can go where noise is not constant. The kinds of visual pollution I find particularly intrusive are billboards, junk mail, junk email and television ads (when I watch, which I tend not to). The kinds of noise pollution that truly disturb my peace are traffic noise, screeching tyres, base drum sounds from other people’s stereos, construction noise from machinery (endless building going on wherever I happen to be). What is it that you find disturbing?
I think the reason I feel under siege in the modern world I live in because with all that pollution, my brain does not have time to rest, to reflect, to think. I believe that the reason we get overwhelmed is that we lack this time. What helps us cope with life, with stress, with the big events we live through is perspective. Gaining perspective takes time in a quiet, reflective way. This used to happen once on the way home, when one quietly headed back through the wheat fields to the home, surrounded by nothing but nature and sunset.
In order to have time to think, space to reflect and gain the perspective we need to cope with life, we have to create that space. We have to actively put ourselves in a place that is not polluted. Finding a space we can be, rest, reflect needs to be a priority if we are not going to be swamped by pollution and overwhelmed by stress.

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