life in the fast lane

I have had the privilege of one of my best friends coming to holiday as a house guest for the last 2 weeks. It has been a great time of catching up, talking, relaxing….and living life at top speed! Due to work commitments, the time I have available to really talk with her is limited. So, I have been rushing through work, leaving the things that are not absolutely essential undone, and enjoying a good deal of excellent food.
I realised yesterday as I drove to work that I was tired, really very tired. This was because of the rushing around, the late nights, the long days and generally not taking time just to sit and be – because I am entertaining. But, that led to thinking about the last time I felt tired like this, and I realised it was not that long ago. And that time, there were no guests from overseas, I had just been busy.
Often I find that I get very busy and then tell myself “this is just a season”. However, I am starting to think that I live in that fast lane and the seasons are the quiet, restful times that I nudge over to the emergency stopping lane for a while. There is always more to do, no matter how much I have ticked off the “to do” list, it is never done. Yesterday 2 big house renovation jobs were finished – yay! Today, I walked outside and immediately it struck me that there is some serious garden and reticulation work to do…
So, how can we manage life so that we are not living in the fast lane? How do we make changes to lifestyle that allow us to live in the cruising lane? Or it is just my personality (is my ADHD showing???)? These are questions I will explore over the coming weeks and months to see if I can make sure I am living the best life I can. Please give guidance on my journey…

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