in honour of food

I have a love-hate relationship with food sometimes. Last week I gave into a craving for sweet & sour that ended in me feeling really sick and heading for the doctor – I am allergic to MSG and assumed no one was using it these days. Mmmm, that would be the hate side. I also have struggled with monitoring other foods that I react to, although – thank goodness – I have no really serious food allergies.
On the other hand, I came home tonight to a wonderful stir fried rice – home made by a good friend – and it was delicious. I loved the flavours of the vegetables, the texture of the rice and the chicken, all blended into a wonderful combination.
I once was very overweight, and time after time when I went to the doctor he would tell me I needed to lose weight. Needless to say I had all the excuses under the sun, but eventually faced the truth and then took responsibility for what I ate and how I looked. God bless that doctor, who never stopped telling me (for several years!) I had to face the truth.
I do love food – the smells, flavours, colours and textures. I have also learned that I can truly love food and enjoy it when it is not dominating my life. When I begin to overeat, allowing food to dictate how much I have or to numb my connection with my emotions, then I hate it. But really, these are my choices, blaming food is foolish.
So, I choose to enjoy food, to have a healthy relationship to it, to use it well to serve my health so that I can fulfil my purposes here on earth. I hope that you too enjoy great food!

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