The other night some friends and I spontaneously played the “Men are from mars, women are from venus” board game. Yes, there is a board game and it is somewhat interesting…. more outrageous fun than learning involved, but then, that’s why they call it a game.
One friend was careful about reading the questions and trading the card for another question if they thought it was too touchy a subject. Sometimes two or three cards were rejected before the question was asked. It was interesting to watch the process, particularly since I did not know the basis for the rejection really. Also interesting was that others in the game were so involved in the game or teasing one another, etc. that they were unaware that someone was carefully shielding them from embarrassment. The night went on to be lots of fun and no one was embarrassed or hurt in the play – thanks to a good friend.
It made me wonder though, how aware am I of the effort others make to help me through life? How often do I really notice the person trying to help me along? Even the little things like a gentleman holding the door for me, do I really see him and thank him? Or do I rush through unaware of the grace that has just befallen me?
I am making an effort to be more aware. I think by being more aware, I will also learn to be more grateful. I would like to be deliberate about thanking those who are kind to me, about showing kindness to those who are struggling around me, and about living a life where I am involved with my whole community.

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2 Comments on “awareness”

  1. Venusday Says:

    the board game sounds interesting….where did u get it?

    • angelvalerie Says:

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Yes, the game can be fun, it also has some more interesting questions under headings like “gender bender”. We got it at a game section in a department store – where you pick up monopoly and such. I have seen it in speciality game stores too (the ones where all they sell are board and mind games).

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