recession and simplicity

I wonder with all the talk of recession at the sudden “discovery” of the word simplicity.  I think people mistake not spending money with simplicity, and the idea of a simple lifestyle gets some bad press.

The concepts around living a simple life are NOT about being controlled by money.  This is like saying that only rich people are greedy… we all know how much you have has nothing to do with how much you want.

So, now that we are in recession and finances seem to be all the talk, let’s clarify what we are talking about when we talk about saving vs the simple life.

Managing money is a good thing, it takes hard work and there are loads of useful tools to help us budget.  We can check out programs, systems and online tools.  Basically it comes down to a system and self discipline to manage your money.

A simple life is about lifestyle choices that consider your values and what is important to you.  This is not about saving money to have more of it, but its about making choices with your money that allow you to live in a way consistent with your declared values.  Living a simple life comes down to knowing yourself, knowing your values and making decisions that validate them.

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