getting my mojo back

My life went into upheaval when renovations started around here, and it felt like everything in terms of my work flow and productivity went out the window.  Then my huge project took a couple of days to finalise, which ate up all my focus.

Over the weekend I took some time out, relaxed, went camping… I got home and on Tuesday realised that I was way behind in admin and managing my life.  For the last week I had been in cruise mode instead of making decisions and taking control of my life, and added to the upheaval of the renovation and post-renovation clean out, I was not only not getting things done, I was falling behind.

On Tuesday I took a quick refresher – I skimmed through my copy of Zen to Done (you can buy it online) and decided to start with basics.  I grabbed my “ubiquitous capture tool” (read: paper book with pen) and started to capture.  I did not order, prioritise or edit, just jotted down everything.

Within a couple of days (i.e. by today) I found that following through on the to do list was going well.  I have followed the ZTD principles of capturing and then using MITs (most important tasks) to get through things… the most important principle is actually not sitting around doing all this, but actually just doing it.  That’s it, I just had to get on with DOING.

Surprisingly, the more that I have caught up on, the more focused and productive I have been.  I have been getting my mojo back and am ready to enjoy the rest of the year!

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