Easter is one of those times when we are reminded of new life. As we reflect on the gospel story of Christ’s death and then rising again, we are also reminded of new life.

While in the southern hemisphere it is autumn (fall) and the days are getting shorter and cooler, we still have the priviledge of taking a moment to think about new life before the winter sets in.  Having this weekend coming up where we can have some time to do the things important to us, I hope we all take some time to think about our lives.

I will be camping, heading out into the bush where titles and such make no difference.  You simply get to be, just be who you are, not worry about doing, achieving, ticking off the “to do” list.  For me that is an important time to reflect on life and make some new decisions and follow up on choices made previously.

The other thing about reflecting on life and being out in the bush is that you get to think about the important things.  Somehow the consumerism that seems to dictate so much of life in our society gets put in perspective when we think about life and death.  This helps us make better decisions for the future.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter, take some time to reflect on new life and what that means to you, and get to enjoy some chocolate along the way.  🙂

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