on loving and losing

In the last few weeks two of my very best friends have lost a parent to dreaded cancer.  Knowing that their parents were in the fight for their lives, my two wonderful friends put much of their own lives on hold to support their loved ones.  Unfortunately, in the end both SR’s mum and SF’s dad passed away.

They lived on different continents and were very different kinds of people.  Yet, they were deeply loved by the children they raised.  No one knew that they would lose the fight until near the very end.  But, they did get to say the important things, the words of love and encouragement that their children needed to hear.

The thing is that we don’t always know when we are going to lose someone we love, accidents happen, health gives way suddenly and unpredictably.  Perhaps the lives of these two lovely people can serve to remind us to love well today, for it is the only time we may have.

Hold lightly to offence and anger, for in 10 years time you may not remember why you were angry today…  but if your beloved passes away without you telling them you love them today, you will always live with regret.  Forgive quickly so that you live without regret.

Love well, love deeply and love openly.

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