paying attention to details

Details, they appear to be so little, so ummm, unimportant sometimes.  I mislaid a receipt, which is usually no big deal, however it meant I did not make an entry in the spreadsheet, which meant eventually that the petty cash and the spreadsheet did not tally, which led to a myriad of details to go back over and fix…

Details.  I am not a details person, for me near enough is good enough most of the time…  But, someone has to pay attention to the details or things would fall apart.  I mean big things, houses perhaps, organizations, democracies…  People like myself get annoyed when others pull us up on a detail – we want to rush by and get to the big picture.  I have to remind myself that the details, which may not be fun for me, are important.  I have to remind myself that paying attention to a detail now, by putting in place a system of keeping information or keeping track, will lead to a much lighter load in the long run.

When we have to work outside of our comfort zone, it takes a lot of energy, more concentration and a lot more time.  That is why we tend to work with the stuff we find easy and comfortable, we feel accomplished, good at it…. that becomes a reward in itself.  Perhaps that is why we ignore the details?

So, from here on, I am working on putting in place systems to help me take care of the details.  I want to be able to work well, even if it is a little outside my comfort zone.  What do you do to keep track of details?

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