what is the simple life?

Due to the cupboards in my kitchen smashing down (along with everything in them) a few weeks ago, I am living with the process of some serious renovations.  Now, I realised that the house would need a bit of a makeover when I moved in, but somehow the drama of a renovation as major as this escaped me.

So, here I am sleeping on my camping mat in my sleeping bag on the loungeroom floor of family while the entrance and kitchen were completely gutted.  So far the newly sanded and varnished floors look great (I lovve wood!)….and the longer I am away “camping” with not much but the stuff I need for work and a few clothes and such, the more I ask myself why I have so much stuff.

I thought I was living the simple life, but then I had a look around the house (now that I am allowed back in) and realised that there are 3 rooms full up with stuff.  All the dislocated things are currently homeless just like me.  And I have to ask – do I have too much?  When do you know?

The camping out life with little to my name except the car and computer, with the clothes is starting to appeal.  I seriously am thinking about letting my place fully furnished and living on the floor for a while.  What do you think?  How long would I cope?  Would it be good for me?

I ponder these and other questions, and will have to figure it out soon.  The kitchen will be another month or so until it is done, although somewhat liveable by the weekend they think.  Until then, suggestions welcome 🙂

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