reframing my life

I am sure that we all suffer the same modern malady a lot of the time – busyness!  While I have taken great care to structure my life around my values, after about 6 weeks of working days up to 14 hours on top of trying to be involved in community and enjoy some downtime, I finally took time out.  Over the weekend I went away to the Nannup Music Festival and had an absolute ball!  Just being away was great, camping again (which I have not done for years!) was fantastic and the time to think was a blessing.

So, out of the stream of life that I usually swim in, as I was paddling around the pond of life in Nannup in a creative and festive environment, I had time to think about my choices and values.  I realised that because of work pressure and exhaustion, I was making decisions reactively in the moment, rather than thinking about my values and choosing from that space.

Being away and having the creative energy around me, with the rest of being in the bush, I was able to reframe my decisions.  Taking a step back, recognising what my values are, and then making decisions based on that has been a wonderful relief.  No longer do I feel railroaded by others – particularly by the wider social values of accumulation and consumerism.  There is a great freedom in making my own way.

Think about reframing your life.  What core values are you committed to?  How have you been able to make decisions that honour those values?  How have you been railroaded down a different path because of busyness, tiredness, etc.?  Perhaps you too need a time out?  If you can’t get along to Nannup, then find a space you can get to where you have time to just reflect and be.

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