The will to finish

I am a finisher, I mean I am one of those people who will plod and push and try and keep going until the job is finished. I have friends who are not finishers, they start projects and jobs and never get them finished.

However, I must say that the last 3 years has seen even my stubborn determination to finish tested.  Today it came close to just throwing in the towel.  After all, if I have given it my best shot (and I have), if I have given my all (and trust me, on this project, I am spent), then isn’t it time to call it a day?  Yet, I cannot.

Perhaps it is stubborn pride, perhaps it is the determination to finish what I started…but whatever it is, in the end my sheer will to finish this project is all I am left with.

I have been through the motivational talks, the self talk and the goals I set when I started.  I have evaluated the outcomes, enjoyed a measure of rewards (such as growing in character, knowing more about stuff, etc.) and been able to see the project in perspective (I think – after all, this is not my life, just a project).  But, I cannot just walk away.  Somehow, somewhere I became invested in this.

I am close to being done, the end is in sight, and it takes sheer will to spend even 2 minutes on the project I feel so burned out.  But, I cannot walk away.  So, by sheer will I am going to finish this.

What about you?  Are you a starter or a finisher?  What do you do when you come to the end of yourself and it isn’t done?  How do you keep pushing through?  Share some thoughts, I would love to hear.

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2 Comments on “The will to finish”

  1. Lynnita Says:

    I am not at all a finisher, but I did a really smart thing and married someone who is. Between the two of us we get lots done – I start a new project, and my husband joins me late in the game and finishes them when my interest starts to flag. It took me a while to appreciate the way that we complement each other, but now I am deeply grateful for our differences.

    • angelvalerie Says:

      They say opposites attract, so it seems you have made great gains by appreciating the differences. Thanks for stopping by and adding your comment 🙂

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