Making new friends

Have you ever moved?  I mean really moved to somewhere that you knew no one?  I have moved countries several times, and it never gets easier.  After the first couple of moves, you realise that you know you are going to be OK.  But, leaving behind loved ones, making new friends, creating a new community, those things are always a challenge.

For me, its always about meeting new people and then actually connecting with them.  This means time, I have to spend time with people and talk to them to find out who they are (and to share myself with them).  It is also about trying new experiences rather than doing what I have always done.  Trying to join in with what my new friends are doing, even if I don’t “get” it.

What about you?  How do you make new friends?  How would you make new friends in a new country?  Personally I have always found that if I am willing to accept others, to engage in their culture and way of doing things, then it is easy to make friends.  I am always surprised by those who say its difficult to make friends…  I suggest they start with finding out more about others and talking less about themselves.

So, a toast to friendship, to old friends and new, as we go through a year where values based on economy are being shaken.

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