The excitement of something new

Tonight I start a new project for 2009 and I am really excited.  Of course, the lead up and admin and preparation has been “more on the to do list” lately and I have felt the pressure of that.  But, now that the official start is here, I am really excited.  I am looking forward to a great term of teaching!

Of course, none of the regular things I do have vanished, I have discovered that the shoe-maker’s elves really only live in fairy tales, and I have wondered if I should just drop it all.  How did I keep going through the drag of daily drudge to get to excited?  Well, for one I kept reminding myself that I have gifts to give others and this is an opportunity for me to do that.  I also thought of the disappointment for those who entrusted me with the job and how it would create more work for them.  It felt unfair to just drop everything then.  Ultimately though, the thing that got me through was realising that this was what I made it.  If I made it a drag and drudge, then I would not enjoy it (and nor would anyone else!).  So, I decided to monitor my attitude.

I have paid careful attention not to my emotions or moods, but to my attitude about the project.  And I realise that I have a choice about that.  I can be grumpy and blame everyone else (they made me do it syndrome), or I could embrace the challenge and enjoy the opportunity to grow.  In the end, perhaps follow through on this project is about personal growth for me?

I am excited!  I am about to pack up the laptop and head out…  How do you deal with new projects?  How do you overcome the moments where the “to do” list feels like its not fun anymore?

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