Bad things happen in 3s

At least, my Nan really believes that.  Funny how some days you feel that the whole world is in a conspiracy against you… ever notice how blue you feel on those days??  Its when the lightbulb blows out and you are running too late to do anything about it, then the dog throws up on your clean shoes, and you realise the clock has magically moved forward 30 mins, and then there is an accident on the way to work which makes you later still…and you get to work to find out two others are off sick today….  and that is just the start!  You have days like that too?  So, why don’t we believe good things happen in 3s?

The negative experiences of our days can cloud our view, change our perspective of reality… and cause us to embrace such a negative mindset that we start believing that life is not good.  When something good happens, we sometimes take it for granted…instead of celebrating.  For example, you head for work and somehow you find you have missed the traffic and have a spare few moments.  Do you celebrate and enjoy the moment?  No, you just move right into getting to the stuff you need to do today.

Maybe life will look better if we start adding up the good things in our day, rather than the negatives.  If we take the synergy of the positives and celebrate the moments, what would life be like?

Starting today, I am going to look for the good things to happen in 3s.  I am going to work on counting my blessings one-by-one (like the old song says) and enjoying those moments when all is well with my little part of the world.  Will this stop the bad things happening?  No.  But it will help me take on the bad stuff from a positive position, and that will lead me to enjoying more of life more often.  Join me….

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