Stress – the good, the bad and the ugly

If you are like me, then you are constantly having conversations about stress.  Research tells us that stress is a positive thing because it improves our performance – like in a test, you concentrate better, focus more and perform better if you are a bit stressed about it.  That is the good, stress can motivate us to get up and go, it can be the difference between us choosing to be a couch potato or going for a walk in the rain.

There is a bad side to stress too, and that is usually what we talk about when we catch up with friends and complain about bills, lack of time, over-commitment, and so on.  Now that we have this marvellous thing call the internet, we have access to so much more information that is helpful.  So, if you are in a place where the bad stress of being over-cmmitted in your finance, time or relationships, then perhaps you need to stop and reconsider the commitments you made?  Think about the commitments you have given yourself to, and make some decisions about what you really WANT to be focused on.  Start to take control of life by budgeting, exercising, reviewing work, etc.  There are a load of great websites with useful tips on managing all this – if you want.  Next week I will post some links that you will be able to use to help direct decisions about how to cull the bad stress.

Then there is that plain ugly stress, usually from relationships with other people.  This is the stress that causes you to think that you just do not want to get out of bed today, at this point it hampers you functioning everyday.  If it is related to your workplace, its probably not the work itself as much as the people you have to deal with.  If it is related to friendships, then it is probably about a conflict that has become the be-all-and-end-all of the relationship.  If it is related to finance, then it is about feeling overwhelmed.  Time to stop – really, it is.  You need some mental space from dealing with these things to be able to resolve the issues.  So, stop, take a step back, breathe….  and ground yourself a bit before coming back to tackle the issues.

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