Taking care of me

I work intensively sometimes and – as with almost everyone I know – seem to be busy year-round.  People say “Oh its Christmas, we are so busy” and my response is “my life is always this busy!”  And it is…  when we stop to think about the commitments we make through the year – work, volunteering, friendships, community groups, church, as a few examples – we might find ourselves with a constant list of things to do.  Add to that the regular stuff like housework, keeping fuel in the car and gardening, and life can be flat out.

I don’t think the solution is just to stop doing things, and for many of us its really not an option (unless we have won lotto recently :)).  So, my question as I look at the calendar and to do list of the last 2 weeks, and look forward to the next month’s commitment is this:  how am I going to take care of me so that I am the best I can be in all this?

I have taken stock and figured out that there are a bunch of things that feed my soul, things that refresh my spirit.  Among these are regular walks, prayer, reading….  but also, there is pure fun stuff like going to the beach, taking a run, snorkeling, playing board games with the kids.  I wonder how often we miss this last bunch of stuff as a priority in taking care of ourselves, because often it is the stuff that seems most expendable???

So, as part of this year’s accomplishment and joys, I want to make sure that I include the frivilous, fun stuff that is part of taking care of me!  What fun stuff do you usually drop off the to do list because it doesn’t seem like a productive use of time?  Maybe its time to reconsider for you too?

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3 Comments on “Taking care of me”

  1. It’s definitely smart to make time for the small joys—and to appreciate what they offer our lives. But I think quiet times of inactivity are important, too. (At least, that’s what I’ve learned for my life.) Learning to say ‘no’ to some things to give myself quiet time allows me to think through what I’m doing and be engaged in my activities more fully. I do think it’s important to stop doing some things, is what I guess I’m saying. 🙂

  2. Lidia Says:

    Bella, thanks for allowing me to read your blog.. what happens when you end up overcompensating and doing too much fun stuff??? 😉
    But overall, I think its about balancing everything out evenly..and remembering its not selfish to put yourself first sometimes.. because you need to take care of you too.. thanks bella… xx

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