Towards being me

Funny how we can become trapped in behaviours and responses by others because of how we used to be.  If you have family or friends who have not been around for a while, and you spend some time, you find yourself falling into old patterns of behaving, old responses to issues.  And then suddenly you wonder, have I changed?  Have I grown?

My answer would be a resounding yes!  The fact you can even ask that question means that you have changed.  So, why do you fall into old habits in those conversations?  Well, mostly because seldom do we allow room for others to grow.  We are part of a system, and therefore we respond to things in an overall way.  So, when an old friend comes along and says or does something familiar from the past, we respond in that space.  It does not mean that you have not changed.

One question I ask is “is this about being me”?  Because if we are working towards growing and becoming better at being, then there are times we need to learn to recognize old patterns and make a conscious choice to change them.  At first people may be surprised, however I have found that most will allow you to grow and change and be more of yourself.

If you are brave enough to break the pattern, then you will find yourself surrounded by others also choosing to be the best that they can be.  And in that, you will be able to encourage and cheer each other on.  So, if over the holiday season you have been concerned that somehow your old habits resurfacing are a bad thing, reconsider… and celebrate the growing you have done!

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2 Comments on “Towards being me”

  1. floreta Says:

    thank you. i have often thought about this and it’s tough.. but i like your explanation here! i always thought it is because you have so much (past) experience with this certain person/people that you take that into account in your dealings with them. if you can somehow disassociate from the past and act ‘normal’, that would be ideal, but then it is almost like interacting with a stranger..

  2. angelvalerie Says:

    Yes, I know sometimes that is why we need to make new friends too – to help us get a new perspective of ourselves 🙂 But, if we can do that and maintain great, wonderful (and sometimes trying) old relationships, then I think we really become who we should be. Thanks for stopping by 😉

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