New Year, New Goals

I am a goal setter from way back.  Each year I sit down right at the beginning and decide what goals will guide my decisions this year.  Over the last year I completed a number of major goals in July-August, which left me with no goals and drifting somewhat.  This is good for a season, to have some downtime where you simply relax and go with the flow.

Now the new year looms, celebrations of the goals achieved will commence shortly and tomorrow I will wake up and need to decide what 2009 will look like.

Why are goals so important?  I think the main purpose is to help you make decisions about what you want life to look like.  By clarifying goals from the beginning, it helps you decide what the rest of the year should look like.  Goals inform our decision making, and help us to avoid the feeling of regret at the end of the time (in this case, at the end of the year).  No, you possibly won’t achieve every goal, but I bet that if you set a few then you will achieve more than you would have without the goal there!

So, celebrate what has happened in 2008.  Then reflect on what you would like to celebrate at the end of 2009.  And from there determine a few goals that will help you choose well during the year.

May the choices you make in the first few days of 2009 lead you to a wonderful celebration in the last few days!

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