Christmas Eve

It’s early morning Christmas eve and the sun is just rising, the birds have been up for a while and chirping away.  I have to wonder if they know its Christmas. 🙂

I have done most of my shopping at because I believe in making the world a better place and in helping those around me be part of that.  There is one sense in which I wonder about how others feel about that, being forced to share their Christmas gift, but most people have always been surprisingly pleased.  As we talk about the problem of having so much stuff, and the effort involved in just keeping it, let along upgrading it, people who recognise how much they really have are pleased to be able to share with others.

As I consider Christmas as a marker of time, another year almost over, I wonder about how much I have done this year.  While my list of “to do”s has certainly been major and several lifetime accomplishments have been achieved, I think about the relationships I say are important.  Have I rung that friend who is struggling with her son’s illness?  Have I visited that person I know cannot get out much as their independence slowly fades in old age?  Have I made the effort to be there for others when they needed me?  Or has it all been about my list of achievements?  Have I sacrificed precious relationships in order to do more or have more?  And how will I choose to live 2009?

An old value that I have lived by stands, and I commit myself to making it authentic in my life in 2009:

“Live simply so others can simply live.”

May my relationship, time and money decisions reflect this statement in a true way.  Merry Christmas to all!

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