So it’s Christmas

With the usual rush of cards and gifts and such, finding time to actually enjoy the season, to sit back and think about the reason is difficult.  I have no idea how many people have said to me over the last week “It’s Christmas and I am so busy I can’t do everything” or “.. I can’t come here” or “…I don’t have time for that”.  At least 15 would be my guess.  How is it that the time of quiet reflection, of making time for family and friends came to be such a torrid time of rushing about?  When did we let this happen?

One thing I know is we all have 24 hours in a day, no matter whether you are the queen or a vagabond, that is all the time you get.  What you do with that time is up to you, largely its about the choices you make.  I really like using the “no time” excuse, its a great card to pull out when you have missed something you didn’t want to go to anyway.  But, is it living authentically?

Ahh, now that is the question.  If I honestly said “I don’t want to go” then people would hear that message, and perhaps have to clarify something about why (e.g. I don’t like that band).  This would tell them something about me.  The more others know me (or you), the closer my friendships become.  By using the lack-of-time card instead, I keep others away, I keep myself a mystery and I create more isolation.

So, this is Christmas, its about love and relationships and being together.  Why not use this time to start making statements about what you prefer to do so that you build better relationships?  Is there a better time than Christmas to do that???

In the midst of rushing around, take a moment to speak with others, hear them, then go on knowing you have strengthened your connection.

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