Surprised by time

I was surprised by time the other day when I realised it was mere “sleeps” to Christmas.  I have struggled to figure out why Christmas came as such a surprise, after all it is 365 days after Christmas last year – so its no like I didn’t know it was coming – all year!

But, somehow the daily grind of life interfered with my ability to see this milestone event coming.  This has made me consider my life.  I am thinking about all the things that have marked the last two decades and I am pleased to say that I can tell you where my life went.  I want to always be able to know that…  one of the saddest days I recall is standing in a clothing store and overhearing the two ladies at the register speak, and one was celebrating her 30th birthday.  At least, it should have been a celebration of all that she had done, all the growth she had managed and all the significant relationships she had developed… instead as she stood there she said “I can’t remember what I have done since my 21st.”  Not a single event stood out, not a great friendship, a significant personal milestone, nothing came to her mind.  And in that moment I learned that life is short and we should LIVE it.

So, as Christmas approaches and I think about why I am surprised it is here, I realise that I have allowed myself to slip into the stream of life without appreciating it.  I have taken for granted loved ones, I have failed to challenge myself to grow and become a better person.  Why?  Because life is busy, the detail takes energy and it is hard to enter in.  Thank God for Christmas, not just because of Jesus Christ, but because it has given me the wake-up call to stop, think and then choose to grow!  Embrace LIFE!

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