Changing relationships

The last post brought up an interesting discussion about change in relationships.  It is funny how we know that the only thing that stays the same in life is change.  Yet, I find myself surprised when it happens, as if things were going to stay the same.

Of course, there are some people who come into our lives and we want to hold onto, we want to be with them always.  But, we are not always given that option.  Learning to accept the gift that they have been for the season they were with us is an art.  Learning not to resent allowing them to move on and bless someone else’s life is important too.

There are other people we are happy to let go when they move on.  We seem content to wave gently as they wander in a different direction.  Is this because they were not a blessing?  Is it because they took too much from us?

How do we figure out how to grow and let others grow?  How do we decide how or when to let go of a friendship?  I think one of the answers is when we know that it is the best possible thing for that person to do for their own growth.  Love is about wanting the best for the other person, and sometimes that means letting them go on to the best place for their growth.  Does it hurt?  Yes!  Does it reflect a true, pure love when we can do this?  Yes!!!

How do we know when to move on from a relationship ourselves?  More on this to come…

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One Comment on “Changing relationships”

  1. Sam Says:

    I dont think that because we can wave goodbye happily has ANYTHING to do with them not being a blessing. The ability to do that comes from the confidence in knowing that they are making the right step. I also don’t believe that anyone can take something away from you that you don’t allow them to.
    Knowing when to move on from a relationship is a different thing entirely, it’s far more difficult to make the tuff choice to move on from someone even when you know it is the right thing. It’s tough, but by far easier to wave goodbye as the other person does the walking- especially when both parties still honestly care deeply for one another.
    Changing relationships are sometimes hard but they are still FAR greater than a stagnant, stale one.

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