The season is changing, although it has not been as predictable as we like to think.  The colder weather seems to have invited itself to stay awhile, and like all house guests that overstay their welcome, we are well ready to see the end of it.  We are not consulted.

Which makes me think about life, often our lives go through seasons of change, times of transition and mostly we are not consulted.  Seldom do people consult us when an action will change a relationship, or when a new purchase will change our value system.  Transition is something we need to manage, to adapt to, to get used to…and somehow we need to keep who we are through it all.

Of course, often I don’t realise there is a change until its almost done!  I may be a little slow to pick up on things that way.  Why am I surprised when I realise change has come?  Why do I not notice that a relationship is changing until the space between us has grown?  How come its only when I am ordering something off the menu that my mother says I don’t eat that I realise that somewhere I started eating it?  I think it is in managing these changes that we lose ourselves sometimes.  I think a successful transition is learning to accept the changes and stay who we are, keep our sense of self and our values.

How do you manage to keep who you are in a clear way during times of transition?

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3 Comments on “Transitions”

  1. luke Says:

    yeah for sure, how do we keep who we during change, particularly when we are unaware of the change taking place? That’s my question.

  2. Sam Says:

    I’m with Luke, most changes happen while we have our eyes closed so in one respect we remain who we are purely because we don’t realise, but that can’t always work in relationships because the other person expects us to change at the same rate as them. So, perhaps there is something to be said about remaining true to who we are in our values but understanding the way we relate to another person may need to change to save a relationship be it a friendship or otherwise. Just a thought.

  3. angelvalerie Says:

    I think we need authentic relationships. The idea of growing as a person means that the change should not compromise who we are. But, we are influenced by others and sometimes start imitating them consciously or not. I think this is where authentic friends can help us – they can call us on the changes that are not the real us. I think having those relationships is essential in our lives.

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