Wishlists and contentment

Recently someone asked me to make a wishlist of presents I’d like for Christmas.  Of course, I was still busy catching up with October!

When I got round to thinking about the list, I had real trouble making it.  I have spent a lot of time developing contentment in my life, and as I thought about creating a list of things I wanted, I realised that outside of world peace and social justice, there was nothing I could think of that I really wanted enough to put on a list.

So, how do we become content?  One of the things we need to concentrate on is being grateful, thankful for what we do have.  Like the old song says,”Count your blessings one by one”.  If you are struggling with this, begin to keep a gratefulness journal – each morning write down one thing you are thankful for.  While it might be hard at first, if you cultivate the habit of thinking about the blessings in your life, you will start to notice more of them.

Another thing is to think about decluttering.  It can be hard to be thankful when we feel surrounded by clutter and junk, it is hard to appreciate value in that frame of mind.  Small Notebook has some great hints for decluttering (http://smallnotebook.org/category/simplifying/).

Finally, I think we should stop.  Just stop: stop running, thinking and worrying about tomorrow and breathe in the space you are in today.  Breathe deeply and wonderfully the air you have, open your eyes, look around and see the things of true value…  then put those on your wishlist.

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