We are all aware of choices, and many of us spend a great deal of time avoiding the bad, making choices for good.  Often the difficult choices are not between the good and the bad, no those are obvious.  We come unstuck when we have to choose between good and better.  Knowing that we want the best though, that our preferred option is “better”, we delay decision making trying to decide which of the options facing us is best.  Sometimes we delay so long that we miss the opportunity.

A friend of mine once said, “Every choice is a seed and every seed bears fruit.” (Alicia Britt Chole – look her up).  As we look at option A and Option B and try to decide which we should choose, which is “better”, perhaps this thought can help.

Try it now, write down the options you have for the choice facing you on paper.  Now, under each one list the possible outcomes, the results, the fruit of that choice.  For example, if I buy a bigger car now it is cheaper to own, but it will be more expensive to maintain.  I will be able to carry all the children, I will be able to move xyz for my work, etc.  If I buy a smaller car, it will be cheaper to maintain, I may have to make more trips, I rarely need to move anything so if I need a big car for a day, I could always borrow one.  In 12 months time I will have $$$$ towards my goals if I save money now.

Stand back, read through the outcomes.  What fruit were you hoping for?  When we list things that we don’t like the thought of, that should act as a caution to us.  Now, as you face choices don’t look at the immediate choice or the initial payoff, look ahead, look down the track and think about the outcomes of the choices.  Are they clear?  Use that information to inform your decision, make a choice now.

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