I have spent time with kids,and they do not hold back. Children love life, if they get excited,they jump up and down, they squeal… they have not learned to hide their passion.

Why do we? Somewhere in our young years we begin by “staying calm” and “settling down” and before we know it, there is no passion left showing. Then, we forget we had passion once… excitement seems like something someone else experiences, and we get used to the lack of passion.

Who do we want to be? I think that we need to nurture passion, feed it. Passion gets killed so easily, we start getting excited about a new idea and within moments it seems there is someone telling us it won’t work, it isn’t any good… and we give it away, we doubt our passion, we doubt ourselves.

If we can agree to encourage one another, if we can choose to feed others’ dreams and nurture their passions in life, the world would be a kinder place. If only we would learn to do this for ourselves and others!

Let’s think about passion in our lives, dream a little, shout out loud and dance a lot!

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2 Comments on “Passion”

  1. I watch my little nieces jump into things passionately and want to be like them. It takes so much less effort to stand on the sidelines and observe, so I try to remind myself to jump in there.

  2. angelvalerie Says:

    Yes, living deliberately definitely takes more effort and energy – but is so much more rewarding!

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