Why living deliberately?

I have come across so many people who seem to sleepwalk through their lives, they cannot recall how they came to this point in their lives.  They wake up and do not recognize themselves one day, or they wake up and realize they have no idea who they are sharing their lives with.  How did they get there?

As I talk with people it seems that so many do what is expected, “everyone was getting married”, “that was just the next thing, to have kids”, “the school said this would be a good job for me”…. they follow paths laid out by others, forget to dream for themselves and stop thinking about who they wanted to be.

And so living deliberately is a different way of approaching life, kind of an upside-down way of viewing the world really.  We start where we are and move forward from there.  We work on dreaming and then choosing to follow the paths that make those dreams come true.  Oh I don’t mean in the sense of ferraris and million dollar mansions, no…  I mean in the sense of becoming the person you want to be – warm, loving, patient, kind, generous… someone you can be proud of being.

So, this blog will talk about these things, how we got to this spot (although let’s not dwell on the past), what we would like to dream about, and how we are going to grow and move forward to be all we can be.  Its a together journey, because none of us is an island…come with me.

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